In The Green opens tonight at the Claire Tow Theater at Lincoln Center. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has helped bring my baby to life and I am profoundly proud of the work my team is doing to keep her alive. The road that leads to this day is filled with mistakes and triumphs and many lessons learned. People are going to write things about this show because it is their job, and I will not read them at least for a minute because that's a little too scary for me at this moment, but also because the incredible work every single person on this show is doing, and the support I feel from my amazing community means so much more than whatever a stranger writes down. Truly, I am drowning in the flood of love I am receiving and am being reborn hopefully softer, stronger, wiser, kinder, wider because of this experience. Here we go!

In The Green
LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater
Through August 4
Claire Tow Theater
150 W 65th St.
All tickets are $30.

Somebody's knocking at the door,

Grace McLean