Merry Glory Hallelujah! Summer is here and I hope to heavens you're having a good one!

In The Green is officially open at LCT3 and we are having a great time up. here on our beautiful campus. THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to support the show, it truly means so much to share this baby with you. If you haven't made it out yet, grab your tickies because we are selling out! And for those of you on a theater schedule, note that we have Sunday night and Monday night shows. So...come!

Also, if you haven't seen this Playbill feature on me and the show, look for it in the print editions all this month!

In The Green
LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater
Through August 4
Claire Tow Theater
150 W 65th St.
All tickets are $30.

Monday, July 8 @1030pm
It's my best friend's birthday and I am joining him to do some musical theater sketch comedy. When you see this show, you will want to be his friend too.
555 W 42nd St.

Grace McLean Lives in Concert
Mr. Finn's Cabaret @ Barrington Stage Company
Monday, August 19 @830pm
I'm so excited to go up to Berkshires for this one night only concert! If you're in the area, come play with me and Them Apples.
36 Linden St., Pittsfield

Fall of the House of Sunshine Season 3
Have you listened to this crazy amazing hilarious star studded musical podcast? Do it. Catch up on the first 2 seasons. Hurry. Did you do it? Good. Now go here to their Kickstarter and help them raise funds for the third and final season of the show. Trust me, you want in. Refinery29 says it's " impressively ambitious show" and I know you are impressed by ambition. Go!
Back The Show

I love the colorful clothes she wears,

Grace McLean