It's getting to be that time of year when everything is so ripe it's about to tip over into rot.  But not yet my loves!  Not just yet. There's still plenty of opportunity to pluck some experiences and savor their juiciness.

The Skivvies
Joe's Pub
Sunday, August 6 @930pm
I'm singing a mashup of some sweet 80's and 90's jams.  In my underwear.  Dear God.
425 Lafayette

Grace McLean SOLO
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
Sunday August 20 @7pm solo
Last Sunday with the band was DOPE but let's see how DEEP we can get just you and me.  I'm working on a new song based on a Neil deGrasse Tyson lecture, so...
185 Orchard St.

The Songwriter's Orchestra
(le) poisson rouge
Monday, August 21 @730pm
I've been singing my songs with Solomon Hoffman's 12 piece orchestra for a few years now and am STOKED to be joined by some members of the Great Comet cast this month!  Can't wait to hear Brittain Ashford, Courtney Bassett, Gelsey Bell, Mary Spencer Knapp, Heath Saunders and Cathryn Wake perform their original music backed by this incredible ensemble.
158 Bleecker

Also, Great Comet is still a thing!  Come see us shimmy and scream and laugh and cry 8 times a week!  It's really really good, you guys.

Do what mama told me,

Grace McLean