Hello my crisp sweet shiny apples!  

It seems when one thing ends, fifteen others rush in to try and take its place.  But first, one must vacate!  I've been having a delightful time escaping crazy town USA: meditating, swimming in rivers, gardening, feeding chickens, hiking, making delicious food, getting up early, and mostly unplugging from all things media.  

So although I write to you from a cabin in Maine, sitting with a dog and a fire, I look forward to these opportunities to boogie with you.

Shaina Taub
Joe's Pub
Monday, October 16 @7pm
I'm very much looking forward to joining my friend, the unstoppable Shaina Taub, in her residency at Joe's Pub.  She writes such tasty tunes, and I get to swish a few of them around in my mouth for the evening. Mmmm.
425 Lafayette

Jason Robert Brown
Sunday, October 22 @8pm
I'm singing songs, both his and mine, with Jason Robert Brown for his residency at SubCulture.  Is this real life?
45 Bleecker

Grace McLean & Them Apples
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
Wednesday, October 25 @7pm
The band is back and we wanna get groovy with you.
185 Orchard St.

Just rock rock rock,

Grace McLean