Like I Said::Shows is Coming::You Should Too

You: Welcome back from vacation Grace!
Me: Oh, hey thank you!
You: Where were you again?
Me: I was on the garden island of Kauai.
You: Woah, that must have been amazing!
Me: It really was.  The perfect blend of cushy and rugged.  I went camping, hiking, stayed in a house on the beach, hung out with Cygnus, drank a lot of Mai Tais, and you can be sure I will brag about all of this to anyone who asks.
You: Great!
Me: Indeed.
You: So what are you doing now that you're back?
Me: Well I'm still doing "Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812" 8 times a week, I'm finishing up some recordings, and I'm playing some shows with my band!
You: Oh neat!  It's been a minute hasn't it?
Me: Yeah, our last show was in January!  
You: Oh hell no.  You need to get back to it.
Me: That's what I'm saying!  Are you coming?
You: What's the scoop?
Me: See below my darling...

Grace McLean & Them Apples
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
Sunday July 30 @10pm full band
Sunday August 20 @7pm solo
In all my years of playing my favorite LES venue Rockwood Music Hall, I've yet to have my music reverberate off the walls of the cabaret style basement.  This summer, I'm getting down with stage 3.  We've got 2 shows booked, one with the full band and one with lil ol me so take your pick or come to both but be ready for some candy and drinks and laughs and maybe even some tears because summer tears are the saltiest.
185 Orchard St.
TIX 7/30
TIX 8/20

Caught you smiling at me,

Grace McLean