I don't know about you, but my Labor Day was GREAT. My husband and I woke up Monday morning and said hey let's get out of here so that's what we did. We rented a car, googled "best diner in Connecticut" and went there then googled "mini golf and go karts" and then went THERE and then we got some used books and then we took a late afternoon walk and saw a bunch of college students moving into their dorms and we sighed and reminisced and then we drove home and that was how we closed out our summer. Bye summer.

Fall's gonna be great, though. It's just about time to get cozy.

See below for info on the production of Cyrano I'm doing, a Broadway Buskers concert of my own, and the several concerts I have the pleasure and honor of being featured in in the coming weeks.

And oh hey just a little tidbit - we recorded a cast album for In The Green and you'll get to hear it soon :)

The New Group
Previews start October 11
I just started rehearsals for this new adaptation of Edmond Rostand's classic with music by The National and starring Peter Dinklage! It's going to be the perfect show for autumn hearts, full of yearning and longing desire and what ifs and if onlys and you know you're gonna need a good cry.
Daryl Roth Theatre
101 E 15th St.

Broadway Buskers
Times Square
Tuesday, September 24 @6pm
I'm going to be performing some of my original music and some of my favorite covers in the very core of the Big Apple! What? How? Come see!
Broadway Pedestrian Plaza between 42nd and 43rd streets

In Other Concert News...

Heath Saunders: Don't Panic
Joe's Pub
Sunday, September 22 @930pm
My dear friend Heath has me singing a song in which I play one of my favorite medieval painters Jan Van Eyck! It is so correct.
425 Lafayette St.

Passion Project
Green Room 42
Monday, September 23 @930pm
Angela Scalfani has written a song cycle in which women sing love songs to their WORK? Yes. I'm singing as another painter. It's a theme and I like it.
570 10th Ave.

David Cale & Matthew Dean Marsh with Special Guests
Joe's Pub
Monday, September 23 @930pm
But Grace, you just said you were doing Angela's show this same date and time? Yes, that's true. I'm gonna pull a Cynthia Nixon and do BOTH! Starting the night with Angela and THEN running to join David and Matthew to sing a GORGEOUS tune about my favorite time and place: dawn on a beach.
425 Lafayette St.

Shaina Taub presented in association with the Village Trip
Joe's Pub
Saturday, September 28 @7pm
Any chance to sing with Shaina is a chance I jump at. If you know, you know and if you don't, come find out.
425 Lafayette St.

Hear Her Song
Joe's Pub
Monday, October 14 @930pm
I wrote a song for this project which celebrates distinguished female leaders across the globe, and now I have the pleasure of performing it along with some of the other commissioned female composers. It will be an empowering and inspiring evening of original music, invoking the words and spirit of powerful women!
425 Lafayette

Breeze blows leaves of a musty-colored yellow,

Grace McLean