in the green

How does a single voice rise above the confines of her circumstances to shake and shape a powerful world view?
IN THE GREEN is a pop opera exploring the origin story of one of Medieval history's most powerful and creative women. Before Hildegard von Bingen became a doctor of the church, a saint, an exorcist, intimate of Popes and Holy Roman Emperors, author of the first western opera and numerous groundbreaking compositions of music, science and exegesis, she was a little girl locked in a cell.

Hildegard, given by her parents as a tithe to the church, and Jutta von Sponheim, an elective anchoress, shared a small cell connected to an abbey in the Rhineland region of Germany during the mid-12th century.  There, unable to leave this literal tomb, they lived as dead to the world.  Jutta served as tutor, mentor, mother and friend to Hildegard for over 30 years.  Locked away together, these two shared a unique and heightened reality; leading one of them to embrace death, and the other to celebrate life as long as she lives it.

IN THE GREEN has been commissioned by LCT3 and has been developed at SPACE on Ryder Farm, The Orchard Project, CAP21, and the Johnny Mercer Writer's Colony at Goodspeed, The PiTCH, and The MacDowell Colony.