We made it back alive.

July was honeymoon month, and boy are my sweat glands tired.  We took three weeks to drive across the country and it was full of adventures!  From sitting in gum to midnight hot springs to hiking so hard we couldn't walk for three days to really getting into some audio books to fighting the war that is the weather in New Orleans to seeing family and friends along the way it was the BEST VACATION EVER. Whenever I travel I always think about what my life would look like if I lived in the place I'm visiting...and then I'm always so glad to return to this crazy impossible beautiful city I call home.

And now that I'm back, I'm getting ready for a show!

Grace McLean & Brittain Ashford
Feinstein's @54 Below
Thursday, July 23 @930pm
I'm doing a duet show with Brittain Ashford.  We are going to be singing songs.  TOGETHER. We wrote some, other people wrote some.  Will it have sad stuff? A little bit.  Will it have fun stuff? Definitely.  Will we sing in soaring harmony? You betcha. Will we have sparkling witty banter?  Duh.
254 W 54th St.

Musical Theater Today Vol. 2
It's a Book and It's Available Now
I am deeeeeply honored to be included in this, the most comprehensive, inclusive, current compilation of essays, interviews, and work samples from people working in myriad capacities in the field of musical theater right this very second now. You will love this book and you will be loved for having a copy.  So popular. So smart. So pretty. Just...you gotta get it.


That album is getting REAL closed to finished, y'all, and I am super duper excited to share it with you!  It's coming!

And stay tuned for some very exciting news about my musical on the early life of Hildegard von Bingen!

What a year.  Thank you so much for continuing to give a hoot about the things I'm doing and making. Your eyes and ears and thumbs ups are deeply powerful and necessary encouragements.  I'm full of the most grounding gratitude about it.

Inspiration's what you are to me,

Grace McLean