Happy New Year my dumplings!

I don't really make new year's resolutions anymore. But I have gotten in the habit of naming my years, to give them a frame around which I make plans and a lens to view opportunities through.  Last year was The Year of the Humble Student.  The year before that was The Year of the Feast.  2017 is The Year of Just F*kng Do It.  It's time to hunker down and make things happen, to work on the projects I care about, to learn about the people and things I care about, and to get out of bed with a fire in my belly and my heart.  I'm excited and scared because it means manifesting my fears but I'd rather ride the dragon then let the dragon devour me.  Raaaawr!

And to star this year off right, I'm having a capricious Capricorn birthday concert...

Jesus Year Birthday Set
Manderley Bar at The McKittrick Hotel
Monday, January 9 @10pm
It's my first show with the whole band since the summer and we're very excited to kick this new year in the teeth with our arsenal of rock.  Plus it's 2 days before my big three three so I've got to get the demons out so we can look each other in the eye and laugh and cry about old times.
530 W 27th St.


I'm getting married,

Grace McLean