Welcome to the autumn, you yummy maple candies!

Hoo boy did I have fun last month, and those of you who came out know what I'm talking about: there was that time with Jason Robert Brown, and that other time with Shaina Taub, and there was even that time when I did a show with MY band!  Yes indeed, we had good times. Coming up, I'm mostly going to be focusing on writing my musical about 12th century mystic and polymath Hildegard von Bingen, BUT I do have a few exciting shows coming up in BOSTON and they're THIS WEEK!  Get excited, and see below...

Grace McLean SOLO
Club Cafe
Friday, November 10 @630pm
This is my very first gig out of town and I couldn't be more excited to visit my friends in the Boston area!  If you're around, I'd love to share this set of covers, originals, and journal entries with you. It's nice and early so we can get a little toasty before the weekend.
209 Columbus Ave., Boston

The Dance Cartel Presents: OnTheFloor
Saturday, November 11 @1030pm
If you haven't seen The Dance Cartel, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  These folks are sweaty/funny/pretty/nasty dancers and I have the distinct joy of lending my voice to a accompany their shenanigans.
OBERON 2 Arrow St., Cambridge

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Soiree
Green Room 42
Tuesday, December 5 @8pm
I think the title says it all. I'm singing a song I wrote for The Civilians' War on Christmas cabaret a few years ago and it's gonna be great.
570 10th Ave. 4th fl
TICKETS you like music?  Absurdist comedy? Murder mysteries? Puppets? Podcasts?  If this is you and you haven't listened to The Fall of the House of Sunshine...just do it and then we'll talk.

There's no reason we can't be successful,

Grace McLean